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Autumn leaves kimono

●●● Autumn leaves XX Japonism ●●●

Hello Everyone!

I am Make staff Hanashiro \( ¨̮ )/\( ¨̮ )/

This time, we will update the ESPERANTO blog after a long time ∻∻∻

At first,
After all there is only that!!!

Outdoor photography of autumn leaves~~✨✨

Japonism × × Autumn leaves

Kyoto is also in full bloom of autumn leaves ✨
Fiery red trees
The coolness of Japonism
It made me stand out more!

Main color of Japonisme

Black x red x white

There are many attractions in these three colors ♥

Surrounded by red trees…

The swirl behind you can be seen
I think that it is processing
but It seems that you can do it this way, depending on how you shoot.

Yeah (゚Д゚) amazing…

Somehow, like a warp in a different world,
It feels strange when you look at it all the time

This time we shot
Garden of Aouksu ❁ ❁ ❁

Do you know everyone?

A garden to the north of the site of the Shoren-in gate, which is closely related to the Imperial family.
The small garden as a place for citizens to relax
It is the “Aokusu garden” that has been maintained ✨

I knew for the first time
Feeling the seasons such as autumn leaves, weeping cherry trees in spring, and camellias
It seems that you can having a good time a relaxing time (∩´∀`)∩
It’s a nice garden ♪ Awesome ♪

There was also a ginkgo❤

It’s very nicely colored,
Ginkgo color?
The bright yellow color makes me feel autumn again.

It also provides a perfect compatibility with the color of the top and bottom gold. ^ ^

The ground hair is cut short and it is an older sister with short hair
In autumn leaves Japonisme, you can use 2 kinds of wigs
It’s changing into a long-haired girl~~~✨

For black and brown medium wigs
I attached a black long long wig ♪

Because there is an image of a woman with a sharp and core
I think it compatible the cool atmosphere of Japonisme!!

My bangs are my favorite on the eyebrows♥

Especially, draw a double line
When finished with clear eyes
By showing your eyebrows, you can see a deeper feeling
I think that I can become a longing foreigner-style face.

I love the faces of people overseas
Naturally the on eyebrow rate will rise (laugh)

Colored leaves color is Naniiro? ? ? ?

When you think about it,

red? Persimmon color? Yellow?

I mixed them and finished the autumnal all color makeup ∻ ∻

Based on orange eye shadow, to add depth
Mix brown with burgundy, which is popular in the streets.

Only in the center of the upper and lower eyelids
I only put a little gold glitter.

Downcast shot
It’s very cute ✧✧✧

And the double line that everyone loves was drawn only at the corners of the eyes!!

Double lines, colors, places to draw, how to draw, etc.
There are various things ✨

This time I wanted to emphasize the black line, so
I dared to connect the flip-up line of the outer corner of the eye and the double line ^ ^

How about? ? ?

Isn’t it a little mode atmosphere? ?


The inner part of the eye was shaded with eye shadow instead of black.
By putting in the position where the double line continues
I haven’t pulled it, but it looks like I’m pulling…

It is a little more natural than putting it in black.

And then~
After all, lip!

I love lips❤
Your face will change completely! !

Actually, I mixed about 3 to 4 colors♥
(I can’t remember it anymore…( ;ᴗ; ))

Korean makeup is in fashion,
Among them, the gradation lipstick is my favorite.

Orders have also increased during the Oiran experience etc.♥

It’s irresistibly cute.

I think that the finish will change completely depending on what kind of color you mix.
Please let the makeup staff know your favorite color ♥

●●● Japonisme Outdoor Shooting ●●●

21500 yen (excluding tax)

Photography: Outdoor
3 cabinet sizes
Complete Japonisme set

*Cannot be photographed in rainy weather
We would like to change the date or plan.

Autumn leaves season: ~ early December (forecast)

The best time to see autumn Autumn in Kyoto ♥

It’s good to visit temples and shrines
To bring out a new give and enjoy the unreal
It may be good (*’꒳` *)੭⁾⁾

If you have time
Please drop in ∻∻