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Two people who experienced dress and oiran❤

Today we would like to introduce our customers who have experienced the dress plan and the Oiran experience plan! !

First of all, I would like to introduce the photos taken at the ”fairy tale booth” (*’ ▽ `*)

First, I would like to introduce my favorite photos (*^▽^*)
I shot it so that the entire” fairy tale booth” can be seen! !
The booth’s appearance changes depending on the angle at which you shoot, so it’s a very interesting booth (*´ω`)
The photo is very lovely.


Next is her friend ♬
I adjusted it so that the hairstyle and the texture of the hair would come out well.
The expression is very good and the fluffy dress is also very good (^^)/


Next, I would like to introduce the photos taken at the Diner booth ♬
Aiming at fashionable processing, we finished in a different color than usual (‘◇’) ゞ
At the Diner booth, some customers may have a solid image.
However, in fact, because it is a studio where I can shoot with various processing and atmosphere
I would like more people to experience it ❤
And let’s take pictures in various atmospheres :->


Below is a picture of a completely different experience of Orian! !
It will be a cool atmosphere photo that is completely different from the previous work (*’з`)
I also love this♪♪

At the fairy tale booth, I took a picture that looks like it was taken outside.
The light coming from behind looks like sunlight♪


Finally this picture ♪
Eyes looking far away are very attractive .

I had the pictures of various booths seen. One of them was the dress B plan,
The other one experienced the dress A plan and the new Oiran plan A plan (^ _-)-☆

You can take a lot of pictures, so it’s a good idea to try multiple plans per day.
If you come to Kyoto, please enjoy and come back (^^♪

We look forward to your visit♪