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Couples Experience Japonisme

Hello everyone, this is Hatanaka from the makeup staff!✨
Today, we would like to introduce a very beautiful couple who experienced the JAPONISME Couples Plan.

All the pictures are so cool that you can’t help but admire them, so please take a look until the end. 


A handsome beauty in shining blue in a red room is very nice.

In JAPONISM plan, we often ask you to choose a kimono at the beginning.✨♡
The kimono chosen is a handsome blue Kakeshita(kimono) with a beautiful glossy finish.♡
The obi is gold and arranged like a flower.✿
*Please note that the red booth will not be available until March 31, 2024 due to the limited time offer.

Next, please see the couple photo.

All props used in the shoot are available at the store. The most popular are the fox masks🦊 and swords !

We think you can feel Japan to the fullest with both of them.

The colors of their kimonos are clearly separated, making the photo more impressive and very nice.
Of course, matching colors is cute, but choosing opposite colors like this is also fashionable!✨

She left the makeup to me to match the kimono.💖

The eye color is blue and purple, and the lipstick is a bluish red for a dignified and cool finish.
If you are not sure what kind of makeup to use, please ask our staff for help.

Of course, it is possible to make a request for the overall atmosphere (cute, cool, etc.), favorite colors, or, as in this case, “please do the makeup to match the kimono you have chosen!

The gorgeous Japaneseish hairstyle suits her very well.

She used her natural hair to create volume on the top and sides, and added flowers and a hairpin for a gorgeous finish.
Wigs can also be used in this plan. Wigs are also a good choice for those who want a bigger transformation.


Couples photography can range from smiling to romantic.
Every photo will make you happy.



The last one is a male solo!

His imposing figure is dignified and very cool.✨


The style chosen was a red kimono with a cool black and gold hakama!
Couple photo shoot using Hakama is +14,300 yen to the women’s plan fee.

In addition, couples can be photographed in any breakdown of three types of photography: female solo, male solo, and couples.
This time it is the JAPONISM Couples Plan, so a total of 5 poses will be taken.

It is also good to divide the shots with more two-shots: one female solo pose, one male solo pose, and three couple shots,

Others emphasize female solos with three female solo poses, no male solos, and two couple shots.

The two of you can discuss this at the reception and let us know.

How was it? This is a very cool JAPONISM plan that allows you to freely enjoy wearing kimono!
If you are interested in this plan, please check our website.

Experience Plan
JAPONISME A Couples Plan (Men’s Costume: Hakama)
34,650 yen (tax included)
5 photos with data
Ladies: Hair, Make-up, Dressing and Photo Shooting
Men: Dressing and photo shooting