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Two people in a cyberpunk world

Hello everyone, my name is Hatanaka and I am a member of the makeup staff.
Today, we would like to introduce a very beautiful customer who experienced the very popular cyberpunk plan for two.

First, let’s start with the feisty tomboy 【Tenshin girl】✨✨ 


She is so beautiful that her fancy preparations suit her as if she were wearing everyday clothes. She is like the hero of a story.
All hair ornaments and outfits are provided by us, so don’t worry.
This time, she chose the same style of hair and makeup as the image presented at the beginning!💗
She is wearing a short black wig with blue extensions. This plan does not allow you to arrange your natural hair, only wigs, but there are many types to choose from, so we are sure you will find the one you like.🤗


Here is a photo of a slightly more mature image.✨
Please note that the nose piercing is very much in keeping with this plan, but it is her own.💦

The most popular makeup is red and goald eye color with blue to give a cyber look

But there are no color restrictions, so please let us know your own favorite colors .

Next is” New Kyoto”’s number one oiran, 【Neon Komachi】✨✨

She looks great in novel lipsticks.💋

The lipstick in this plan is red on top and black on the bottom. This unique coloring adds to the androgynous look.🤖

However, you can freely choose the color of makeup for this plan as well. If you want a more natural look, it is also possible, so please consult with our staff in charge. Please note that lines and stickers on the face can be reduced, but not increased.✨

If ordinary oiran are not enough for you, this gorgeous decoration is also flashy and cool!
This plan is a fusion of machine and oiran. The headdress is very heavy, so please stretch before coming to the store!😇😇

Most of the hair sets are done with wigs, so even those with short hair can experience this plan♪ Please apply with confidence.😘


The last two shots are of the ”New Kyoto”’s tomboy [Tenshin Girl] and the popular android [Neon Komachi], who is very sexy!
These two beautiful girls are a sight to behold when they stand side by side.🥰🥰
They are two very different people, but even when photographed side by side, they are a perfect match and very cool!🤟

We also offer of photography accessories exclusively for this plan. Please feel free to let us know if there are any items you would like to use.

How was it? We have introduced you to two beautiful residents of the Neon District💗

Also, with this cyberpunk plan, we will shoot a short movie for those who can post it on our studio’s social networking sites only.
Of course, these two ladies shot a very cool movie.

Please let us know at the time of reservation if you would like to have a movie taken or not!

✨Here is the plan she experienced this time ✨

Tenshin Girl 28,050yen(tax included)
・Hair and makeup, costumes, photography in a dedicated booth
・3 copies of revised data Delivery

Neon Komachi 30,250円(tax included)
・Hair and makeup, costumes, photography in a dedicated booth
・3 copies of revised data Delivery