Pink Shin-fa-ran🌸

With the theme of cherry blossoms, I thought about a cute dress.Our shop has a popular "blossom booth".Cherry blossoms are in bloom at the booth all year round.I took a picture

Oiran C Plan!!

Hello. My name is Shimizu, the makeup staff.Today we would like to introduce our customers who experienced the popular Oiran C plan.First, I will

Autumn leaves kimono

●●● Autumn leaves XX Japonism ●●●

Hello everyoneI am Make staff Hanashiro \( ¨̮ )/\( ¨̮ )/This time, we will update the ESPERANTO blog after a long time ∻∻∻Speaking of this time,After all there is


Lovely customer who experienced the new Oiran plan.

Hello everyone ღ❤ღ' E `*)Today, we would like to introduce the wonderful customers who have experienced the new Oiran A plan! !!This wonderful Oiran who came to STUDIO ESP

Customers who experienced the Dress A plan.

Hello.I'm photographer Ito.The customer I introduce this time is the one who experienced the dress A plan at [50's Diner booth].


Two people who experienced dress and oiran❤

Today we would like to introduce our customers who have experienced the dress plan and the Oiran experience plan! !First of all, I would like to introduce the photos taken at the ”fairy ta


“Lock, Stock and Two ESPERANTO Barrels” in English

Hello everyone, my name is Tobo.It's keeping very cold weather, how it's going everyone everything is okay?This year, I'm trying to eat 3 oranges for not being sick everyday.

A cute makeover with a dress plan!

Hello everyone.I'm Takebe from makeup staff.The customers I introduce this time are cute people who have experienced dress plans as parents and children.Initially dau