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Oiran C Plan!!

Hello. My name is Shimizu, the makeup staff.

Today we would like to introduce our customers who experienced the popular Oiran C plan.

First, I will introduce the photos of the Chouhan style

It’s a world view that sounds like you can hear a voice.

This hairstyle looks great!.

To make it look cool, I used a purple and black gradation for the eye shadow.

The style that puts out one arm is a very cool plan.

Posing using dice is popular.
You can also lie down and shoot.

The lying pose is sexy and the face looks beautiful.
The Chouhan plan is a plan that anyone can become cool.
Of course, people who like a cute atmosphere can also look cool.

Next, I will introduce Oiran-style photos!

It’s very beautiful!

I really like the poses in the next photo.

This pose has a very visible back and looks very nice.

This photo has a slightly different way of holding a fan, which is also good.

This concludes the introduction of the photo.
How was it, everyone.
Did you want to experience it?

I will tell you the contents of the plan introduced this time.

Oiran C Plan (34,000 yen + tax)
2 types of costumes and makeup
2 types of shooting booth
6 print photos

Please experience it.