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Two beautiful couples visited us!!

Hello everyone, my name is Hatanaka and I am a member of the makeup staff.

Today I would like to introduce two couples who had an Oiran experience.
The couples can be photographed by adding the male plan to the female plan.
There are two men’s plans: WithoutHakama (11,000 yen) and Hakama (14,300 yen).
Adding these plans will add 20 additional shots and 2 additional corrected photo data.

The two couples who experienced this plan enjoyed the couple shoot by adding the Hakama plan to the OiranA plan!
We took about 50 shots in total, and 5 photo datas are included in the plan fee.

Please take a look at the first couple’s photos first!
花魁 花魁 花魁

It’s a beauty you can’t help but admire…😊😊
You are in charge of the preparation! so we aimed to create a sexy and pretty oiran to match your face and mood✨.
For the eye color, we used pink and purple with gold to create a slightly strong cuteness.
Purple highlights were used around the eyes to give the whole look a bluish color.
Since the eyelash extensions were long and voluminous, we did not add false eyelashes this time.
Her lips were very full and beautiful, so I decided to use a gradation of lip color for a softer look.🥰
I recommend gradation color lip color for those who want a cute and sexy look because it brings out more femininity.

カップル カップル カップル カップル カップル
It’s also beautiful the way it leans on the man.🥰🥰
The booth is a gold booth.
The blue and pink kimono looks great against the gold background.
After hair and make-up, the participants put on the pink kimono and wrap an obi sash around it.
After moving to the photo booth, the blue kimono is put on top of the pink kimono.
The second layer of kimono is very heavy and gorgeous, so it is worn only for the photo shoot.
袴 着物

It is also possible to do a solo male photo shoot.

He has a very cool and dignified look in his eyes.
For men, only dressing will be done at our store.
If you would like to have your hair set, we have hairdressing materials and hair irons available.

The next couple we will show you had their photo taken at the Red Booth.
花魁 花魁

It is a totally different coloring from her companion. It suits her very well.😇
The makeup is a deep burgundy with gold for a cool look.♡
The lip color is also a bright red, and it nicely frames the contours of the face.

Her own accessories also match well with her make-up and kimono.
We are often asked if we should take off the accessories, but it doesn’t matter.
With the accessories, it looks gorgeous. If you remove it, it will look more classic and simple. Match it to the image you want to achieve.

カップル カップル 花魁 花魁
She chose a black kimono and gray haori. Very cool.🥰🥰
The couple photo shoot was a memorable photo of just the two of them holding hands✨.
The photo with the light from behind looks so nice.
着物 袴
He  has a nice fresh look to them.
Sword and Hannya masks are popular for men’s shoots.✨

Everyone added a lot of photos.
If you would like to purchase more photos than included in the plan, you can add 1 photo for 1,650 yen or 4 photos for 5,500 yen.

You can think about this while looking at the photos on the day of the Photo shooting , so please take a look.

We hope you enjoyed the many wonderful photos of the couple.
How about leaving behind some uniquely Japanese photos as a memory of your trip?

–Experience Plan–
Oiran Hakama  couple plan 34,650 yen(tax included ) 
Women: hair and makeup, dressing, photography
Men: Dressing,photography
5 pieces of corrected data


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