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Customers who experienced the Dress A plan.

I’m photographer Ito.

The customer I introduce that time is the one who experienced the dress A plan at [50’s Diner booth].

She was so cool that she took it as if it was taken at night.
She was very beautiful!!
It looks really cool to have a cigarette.

By the way, this cigarette is a fake.
Brought by the customer. The tip shines so it looks like the real thing.

The pose with candy was a little cute.
Thanks to neon, you can take pictures of various atmospheres.

You can also take pictures of such a pink atmosphere.

She in this photo is also very beautiful.
She came to our shop several times, so she was very good at posing.

Lastly, I would like to introduce the photos taken on the flower wall.
This picture is very cool!

Just like this customer, please come and have a cool makeover experience!

I looking forward to seeing you all.